Counterpoint Dance Company at Edinburgh Fringe

In August 2013 we travelled to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. Having met at Kings Cross train station to travel up in the afternoon, we spent three days performing and exploring. We met up with Peter Avery’s 3rdthought Arts Collective who helped us out a great deal (this being our very first trip), and all in all we had A LOT of fun. Here’s some pictures that might help give you a sense of what it was like to be there.
At King Cross, raring to go!
The journey begins
Preparing ourselves at the Grassmarket.
Grassmarket Prep
Performing in the shade of Edinburgh Castle.
Grassmarket perf 1
Spacing the dancers at Royal Circus
Royal Circus Prep 2
A clip from our performance at Royal Circus
(on this occasion, sans music!)

4 Responses to Counterpoint Dance Company at Edinburgh Fringe

  1. Dear Simona:

    It all looks really good (and sunny). Nice to see the two spaces
    and the change of costume!
    We’ll be up there for the second week this year
    as we’ve been invited to be part of the Book Festival
    and the Royal Botanical Gardens programmes.

    Off to Holland in a fortnight.

    Many thanks for the credit and I’m glad the locations worked out.

    Note the spelling below, though!

    Best wishes

    Peter @ 3rdthought.

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