Cubitt Summer Ball 2017

Cubitt Summer Ball 2017

For the past seven years we have collaborated with Cubitt Education which  is part of an artist-led organisation based in Islington, London.

In 2015 we were commissioned to perform for Public Wisdom 2015: Ageing, Creativity and the Public Realm, curated and produced by Daniel Baker, Education Director at Cubitt from 2008-2016.  The event was the first major symposium on ageing, creativity and the public realm, featuring a wide range of speakers and presentations, supported by the Baring Foundation.

Artists and speakers at the symposium included:

Richard Sennett; Lois Weaver; Jason Danely; Nick Tyler; Sophie Handler; Anne Karpf; Bolder Voices; Counterpoint; Grand Gestures; Sarah Cole; Pollard Thomas Edwards; Older Women’s Co-Housing; The Decorators; Rama Gheerawo.

In 2016 we have been commissioned to create an impromptu performance in Cubitt’s arts picnic, part of the Saturday Socials programme funded by Islington Giving.  Benjamin Owen curated an afternoon of art, music and dance, each of these improvised in response to the others, and also to passers-by.

Watch Ben’s short film documenting Cubitt’s Arts Picnic on Islington Green on 27 August 2016. Photo by Marta Corada.

Benjamin Owen’s super film from Cubitt’s Arts Picnic on Islington Green

The Summer ball is back this year, more information coming soon!


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